The BUG SHOW 2023

On the weekend of August 19 and 20 , La Guimbarde exhibited…. In a temple of the Automobile: the Spa-Francorchamps circuit for an exceptional “VW Aircooled” event: the Bug Show . Imagine that more than 2,500 air-cooled Volkswagen vehicles : Beetle, Combi, Karmann, Buggy... from all over Europe, even the whole world, were on display. The traffic jam formed during the big parade organized on the circuit was impressive. Participant record broken and circuit capacity limits reached on Saturday. This was the 28th edition.

The Bug Show... It can be experienced... but not told 😀 Judge for yourself:

  • A dozen exhibition car parks with unique vehicles, a real art of living,
  • Seven campsites all around the circuit with dance floors and improvised swimming pools among the vehicles,
  • Demonstrations on the circuit: accelerations, driving sessions, discovery of Raidillon,
  • A private evening Friday and Saturday until the end of the night,
  • Dragsters based on Cox or Combi which put on a show,
  • The famous big parade on the circuit route with all the participants,
  • The competition of elegance,
  • Hundreds of spectators gathered along the roads adjacent to the circuit to watch the sweeps of the “aircooled” VW vehicles throughout the meeting: during the day and in the evening.

And of course… A well-stocked “ Swap Meet ” area with more than 50 exhibitors installed in the paddock. La Guimbarde offered an assortment of selected VW products as well as a set of Vintage accessories to suit all budgets and to the great pleasure of the thousands of visitors who set foot on the asphalt of the paddock throughout the weekend. .

It was a party weekend in Spa, Verviers, Stavelot or Malmedy. A peaceful and bucolic Walloon region to discover naturally or transformed into the Capital of VW Aircooled…

For this, see you in August 2024, for the next edition of the Bug Show. 👋

Discover the Bug Show 2023!

Source: Youtube – Ueber Flieger

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