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Many of you have shown particular interest in our brand products. Volkswagen Combi . This is why we decided to create for you an article dedicated to these legendary vehicles that smell like road trips and adventure.

What is the Volkswagen Combi again?

Basically the Volkswagen Combi is a vehicle, inspired by the look of the Beetle which was used by Volkswagen factory workers to transport equipment. The model pleased the CEO of Volkswagen, the first prototype was born in 1949 and was presented in 1950 at the Geneva Motor Show, and the success was there, the legend of the legendary VW combi began. The word “Combi” is the abbreviation of the German word Kombinationenwagen , which can be translated as “multi-use” and becomes, in France only, the nickname of the most widespread version of the Volkswagen Type 1 (the Split) , Type 2 (the bay window) and T3 (the latest generation with rear engine). In Germany, country of origin, it is best known under the name "bulldog", colloquially "Bulli", for the resemblance of the front of the first generations.

And to finish in style, a short video to retrace the history of the combi and its 65th anniversary in 2015!

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